Latest JPG product updates
April 18th, 2022

We’re very excited about curators creating and giving us feedback about their user experience as they build their exhibitions, so excited that we can’t help but improve, update and fix things as frequently as possible, sometimes without telling you all.

This more dynamic development process allows us to facilitate the work of curators as fast as possible, and keeps us agile and focused on the features curators most want to see

The result has been a stream of fantastic exhibitions each week with over 100 active curators featuring thousands of NFTs typically only seen in a marketplace grid.

These are the updates we’ve pushed in the past few weeks, and that JPG curators are able to leverage for their creations:

  • Updated profile page, with cover images and follow lists
  • Follow other curators
  • Search by exhibition title and curator
  • Notifications to stay up to date
  • Update existing grid/gallery exhibitions to Museum view
  • Exhibition tagging
  • Improved exhibition URL structure to
  • Curator notes for specific NFTs within the Museum view
  • General bug fixes / UI improvements

As always, thanks to our users that help us providing feedback and letting us know what their needs are when it comes to curating exhibitions.

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