Market Makers - the selected artists

We are pleased to announce the selection of artists that will take part in the Market Makers exhibition, commissioned by the Berliner Volksbank.

The exhibition will take place from October 5th to 7th in the Studio Knecht/Wendelin in Leipziger Strasse 63, Berlin. It will be open to the public, and include artist talks, in English and German.

The selection features artists whose work has been collected by the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank, in dialogue with artists working with blockchain as a medium and NFTs, plus a special commission created and coordinated by artist Zhiyuan Zhang, Currency Exchange.

Selected artists: Amauta Garcia & David Camargo, Baggy Industries, Bernard Schultze, Billy Rennekamp, Distributed Gallery, Ed Fornieles & Fini, Hans Martin Sewcz, Harm van den Dorpel, Hira Nabi, Horst Hussel, Jan-Robert Leegte, Jeff Davis, Keiken, Manfred Butzmann, Miragenesi, Mitchell F Chan, Nonzuzo Gxekwa, Noor Abuarafeh, Paul Seidler, Reiner Schwarz, Salwa Aleryani, Sarah Friend, Sarah Meyohas, Simon Denny, Stevie Pikelny, Ursula Strozynski, Veronika Kellndorfer, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Xavier Robles de Medina & Zhiyuan Yang.

Market Makers aims to put these artists and their works in dialogue with each other, through connections found in the artworks dealing with the crypto and traditional financial systems, looking into economies and value systems.

In a few weeks we’ll be circulating an invitation for the opening of Market Makers, plus a full programme including the artist talks.

We’re really looking forward to sharing this landmark exhibition with you.

Graphics by Johannes Wilke.

Curated by: Chris Dake-Outhet, María Paula Fernández for JPG, Simon Denny, Stina Gustafsson.

Special thanks to the Berliner Volksbank, Stiftung Kunstforum, TLGG, Malte Rausch, Studio Knecht/Wendelin, and all participating artists.

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