JPG May Product Updates: collections page, right click feature, profile creation, and new homepage
May 19th, 2022

Before our whole team sets off to Berlin to get to know each other IRL for the first time, participate of NFTBerlin (including a setup where four exhibitions will be displayed around the conference) and host a one night only / yet forever on JPG exhibition of curated Folia artworks, we’re upgrading JPG.

Our curators have already been noticing big improvements all across the JPG board, as this new update has been pushed gradually through the past weeks. Gradually yet steadily, we’ve been upgrading the JPG experience, and those users that have figured it out, are already having a blast using the platform - so what are you waiting for, Anon?

Besides fixes and improvements to the UX, these are the main features that we are shipping this month: 

  • Collections page
Collection page for 0xmons
Collection page for 0xmons

Liked an NFT on Colborn’s ☞ó-͜つò☞ exhibition and want to explore more? We’ve made it possible to now view entire collections! You will be able to leverage JPG to discover what your new favorite artist has been up to, view whole drops, discover opportunities to get your hands on pieces you love, and bookmark to create your own exhibitions after you’re done exploring.

Collections pages also showcase what current exhibitions feature NFTs from that collection, allowing you to go down the rabbithole as you discover new exhibitions, collections, and curators.

  • Right Click Feature
Trent's right clicked NFTs on his profile
Trent's right clicked NFTs on his profile

Right Click and save, literally, but not to your machine. When you right click on JPG you can save to your profile particular NFTs you loved and save them for your records, as part of your wishlist, or in order to save them for your future and current curated spaces.

Right Clicking will not only provide an easy reference point for NFTs you’re interested in, they will also serve as an important network signal pointing to which NFTs and exhibitions are generating the most interest.

  • Open Sign In Flow

While full curatorial access to JPG is just around the corner, we’ve improved the Sign In flow on the website, and are allowing anyone to create a profile, claim their username, and begin Right Clicking NFTs.

  • New homepage
New homepage view, in this instance, featuring NFTs curated by Colborn
New homepage view, in this instance, featuring NFTs curated by Colborn

Our new homepage is all about spotlighting curators and their creations. You’ll be able to discover the best and brightest and the NFTs they love and chose to curate within their spaces.

Some of our most interesting curators, their visual diaries, exhibitions, and spaces - as well as educational pieces, are featured now on our homepage for everyone to appreciate the incredible JPG community.

Next month, we’ll be upgrading curator tools and taking a big step towards the decentralization of JPG.

Stay tuned for more!

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