It’s all going according to plan: JPG’s open access + enhanced curator tooling

As a follow-up to our previous post where we delved into the importance of openness, permissionlessness and permanence, and announced that all exhibition data on JPG is now on Arweave, today we are happy to announce that we’ve lifted the allowlist for JPG access.**

Alongside this big milestone, we have revamped our curator tooling to be more user friendly, streamlined, and customizable, with improvements including:: 

  • A single page experience for adding and editing

  • Smoother drag & drop 

  • Auto-fill layout options that recreate the deprecated Gallery and Grid layouts

  • Multiple ways to add NFTs, including import links, Right Clicks, and from your Wallet

  • Simplified codebase leading to fewer errors

  • Easier text editing optionality

This will allow curators to have a much better exhibition making experience, with more seamless processes and UX improvements. If you have been with us for a while, you will definitely notice these - and if you are one of the ones joining us now that the JPG gates are wide open, we are happy to deliver a platform that allows you to explore your creativity.

**Next, JPG will be working on a new key part of our protocol: Canons.

JPG Canons are a form of token curated registries (TCRs) that allow the communal curation of collections as well as individual NFTs. Organized by categories, anyone with the JPG NFT will be able to participate in governing the registries to create high quality data that indexes the ecosystem.

These will be open to users (we will let you know how to access them once they’re closer to launch) that will crowdsource the NFTs within these registries, coupled with a governance system based on curator reputation. **

The reputation system will aid in: **

  1. Registry Creation/Deletion

  2. NFT Addition/Deletion

  3. Protocol Upgrades 

We will publish more information about the registries and governance on a soon to be published whitepaper.

For the time being, enjoy the JPG platform, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback, and make sure to follow our channels for more information about our future plans. 


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