Open Call - Deep Time
JPG (pronounced jpeg)
June 16th, 2021

JPG is now accepting submissions for its first exhibition, Deep Time. We invite anyone who owns an artwork that matches the Deep Time theme below to fill out this form. The deadline for submissions is July 1 and the exhibition will take place in mid-July.

To be eligible for inclusion, you must own the NFT you are submitting, and add it to the JPG Registry when the protocol launches on mainnet.

This is a curated exhibition, so please be aware that not every submitted artwork will be included. You will be contacted by the JPG team if your submission is chosen.

Exhibition Theme

Deep time refers to an understanding of time that stretches beyond the short span of human history to encompass the history of Earth and the universe before it. Artworks that explore deep time are often concerned with planetary processes and the nature of the cosmos. For our first exhibition, we want to exhibit art that engages with this concept from a future-facing perspective, combining the digital and the primordial, the prehistoric and the post-human. We would also like to display works that incorporate duration in innovative ways.

Artwork subject matter might include:

  • Landscape and geology
  • Cosmic phenomena
  • Primordial matter
  • Ancient systems of knowledge
  • Elemental forces (fire/water/wind)
  • Crystals and fractal structures
  • Ecology and the Anthropocene
  • Slowness and drift
  • Decay

Submit your artworks here

If you have any questions, please ask them on our Discord server here.

We're excited to review your submissions and unveil the show!

The artwork pictured in the exhibition cover image is Series 3: Entropy - Token 144 by DEAFBEEF

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